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Enjoy learning more about birds while enjoying these classic games.

réplique de montres suisse Bird Bingo
  Play Birdingo! Uses bird images instead of numbers.
réplique montres Game Show
  The Professor hosts a game show format, bird identification and trivia.
réplique de montres suisse Hangman
  The classic hangman game, guess the word before the noose tightens. A music player is found near the bottom of each game. After the introductory music plays, use the controller to select and play additional songs.
Game one:   Common bird names
Game two:   Birding locations
Game three: Mix of bird names, gear and more
Game four: More bird names
Rolex replica Match 'Em
  Concentration with a wild bird twist. Click on the face of an upturned card for information on that species.
Game one: Match the bird with its name
Game two: Match the warblers
Game three: Mixed species match
Game four: For a challenge, match males and females of the same species, with different plumages.
Breitling replica Solitaire
  Klondike-style solitaire game. Each card has the image of a bird. Double-click on the face of a card for information about that species.
  Jigsaw puzzle fun.
Puzzle one: Select from Altamira Oriole, Atlantic Puffin, Killdeer and Northern Cardinal
Puzzle two: Select from Least Bittern, Purple Gallinule, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Great Kiskadee
Puzzle three: Select from Loggerhead Shrike, Northern Piintail, Lesser Yellowlegs, and Roseate Spoonbill

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